In use on the wedding cake!

I'm so happy to have the chance to make Patty's wedding cake topper! This gal keeps me in business. She always comes up with the most awesome ideas, and I try and keep up.
She's the brains behind the Rosie the Riveter bookends, all the way back to the tattooed Jesus & Mary. mmmmm....sacrilicious...
Three-dimensional tattoo topper.
Wooden anchor with ceramic swallows. One with a black satin bowtie, the other with a pearl necklace and red bow.
The theme of the wedding is ~tying the knot~, so each bird holds a piece of twine, both knotting together in the center.
Hand painted and crafted.
Custom orders are available.
Prices range depending on style, details, etc. E-mail for an exact quote.

All original works © erin tinney.

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