The results...">

~Custom Head Vase~

The request...

"My cousin is getting married and I thought this would be an awesome gift for her...I would like one painted like her." Red/blonde highlight hair... " She also has a monroe piercing, and several tattoos...This is a gift for her for her wedding, so any ideas you have to incorporate the thought that she is getting married let me know...Add the cigarette, and just simple diamond stud earrings. And for clothes lets go with a white off the shoulder shirt (kind of to resemble her wedding dress)...her bouquet is wheat, daisys, feathers, basically a mix of wild flowers)"...

The results...

Additions include a complete re-paint, tattoos, cigarette, flower brooch, hair fascinator, Monroe piercing and earrings. She also has a sheer, white tulle netting wrap.
This gal is sold, but similar items are available and custom orders are always welcome.
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