Custom order Watermelon Hill gnome pot.
Ms. Rosensweet, the brains behind Bondage Barbie and Miss Sheena, Punk Rock Tissue Head requested a gnome in a flower pot with her summer home's name, Watermelon Hill incorporated. She asked me to keep her updated, and if I could send photos as I worked. So now I have some process pics I thought I'd share.

Michelle picked up a blank gnome on eBay, and I went to work.
I picked up a durable plastic flowerpot, painted it, and filled the bottom with Plaster of Paris for a weight.
Meanwhile, I painted the figurine.

I filled the middle section of the pot with "Great Stuff" insulating foam.
Broken floral foam blocks made the next layer, and the gnome queen was fixed in the center.
More Great Stuff filled the cracks. I glued and pinned moss onto the foam.

I made some matching mushrooms from Premo and paint, and while they dried, I spread the moss around.

Painted melons, leaves and curly vines were next.

I topped her off with some feather butterflies, plants, grass blades, and a "Watermelon Hill" sign made from snapped popscicle craft sticks.

All original works © erin tinney

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