Tattooed Cake
Topper In Use

Custom Tattooed
Pinup Headvase

Custom Tattooed
Topper In Use!

Custom Tattooed &
Expecting Cake Topper

Strawberry Clip
on a Headband

Custom Gothic Wedding
Cake Topper In Use

Glow Bone Clip modeled
by's Shareen

Cake Topper with
Tattoos & Custom Hair

Gothic Wedding
Cake Topper

Custom Naval & Expecting Cake Topper

Custom Tattooed Wedding Cake Topper

Swallow & Anchor Wedding Cake Topper

April and Bryan with their Custom Cake Topper

Tanya Modeling Her PBR Bows

Poppy Fields
with her very own
Custom Zombie Bust

keepin' it classy
with her PBR Cap Bows
Lovely Liz
and her
Beer Bows

Tracy With Her Painted
Skull Purse

My Mermaid reVamped

Trish the Dish
with her FrankenBarbie Tattoo

Dizzy Lizzy with
a Sailor Gal Anchor Necklace

Wedding Party

Charleen lookin' good
in a custom
Halter Top

Shadowy Russell's
Custom Fuzzy
Dice Armrest

Sweet Stephanie
models an older
version Magnolia

and her
Hibiscus Hairpin

Custom Tie Top

The gals of Status Ink Magazine...

Repro 1950s Halter Top

Painted Peacock Purse

Painted Peacock Purse
& Repro 1940s Tie Top

Repro 1940s Tie Top

Repro 1940s Tie Top
(Over a corset)

Repro 50s Halter (Left)
and Poodle Travel Case


Check out our outfit used in a WWII style pinup calendar by photographer Robert Notman! Now also available in postcards, posters and more~


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