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Custom Punky Pink Head Vase
"Omg I'm not kidding I love her to stinking pieces!!! You couldn't have done a better job. Thank you so much. I have shown a bunch of friends and hope to get you more orders. Tracey"

Interracial Wedding Cake Topper
Our cake topper was perfect! Everyone at our wedding was awed by it! It is so awesome and super cute. My husband fussed about me paying so much for a cake topper but when he saw it he loved it too. Now it sits on our dresser in our bedroom. Thank you Erin. You we're a joy to work with! You rock girl!!!

Wedding Day Stories
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Vintage Mavens
My glow bone made a Vintage Mavens blog!

Welcome to DeluxeVille
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Cake Toppers for the Diverse Bride
Read the posts about what nightmare fuel my products are! Oh, poor Miss Tissue Head!

Words from some beloved buyers...

"...our topper now proudly sits in our room next to this picture. It's without a doubt the best and most original thing we have from our wedding. Thank you!" ~Michelle on her tattooed & expecting cake topper.

"That is awesome..she just arrived. I love it...I'd like to keep it for myself!! You are amazing! I will be sure to keep you in mind for future gifts. She sent a photo of her to the tattoo artist, he was floored at the work you did...quite impressed." ~Rhonda about her daughter's zombie tattoo bust.

"Super adorable we were both so happy with it. Our friends were over the day I got it and they were amazed!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH =)" ~Dijana on her custom wedding cake topper.

"The topper is here and it is BREATHTAKING!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!" from Bergandi about her tattooed wedding cake topper.

"Got the topper and it looks awesome!! I love it!! Thank you so much!! You did a great job!!" from Esther on the tattooed topper.

"Hi Erin! Just got my girl and she is perfect!! Thank you so much, I am so excited to have your piece. Til' next purchase ; ) Thanks again!" Lesley about her revamped vintage ceramic gal.

"I got it in the mail yesterday. I love the attention to detail. You are an amazing artist. thanks so much. I would have to say that of all of the things that I had made for the wedding I love this the most." ~from Amanda on her custom tattooed cake topper.

"Erin – Thank you again so much.. We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your work… Unbelievable job on such a small cake topper! You are truly an amazing artist and you were awesome at getting back to me.. I look forward to telling everyone about you and your work! Keep up the great job! Thanks Again!!" ~from Abi & Alex about their custom tattooed cake topper.

"YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! The topper came on saturday and I was so excited! It's so perfect!!!! I cannot thank you enough!!! You are so amazingly skilled! I could not believe how detailed all my tattoos and his uniform are!" ~from Michelle & Patrick for their custom tattooed & preggers Navy wedding cake topper.

"Oh my God Erin! The cake topper is the most amazing thing we have ever scene! Seriously, the work you did blew our minds! Your attention to detail and capturing our looks and personality is so perfect. We both are so excited to have your art work as a center piece for our wedding day...." ~from Michele & Jason for their custom wedding cake topper.

"Erin, The package just arrived. You went far and above what I had wished for. The custom painting of the seahorses was EXACTLY what I asked for down to the sunshine yellow color"... ~from Barb on her custom painted seahorses.

"hey erin! dude we got it today and it looks so awesome!!! Wow i cant believe how you can get such fine detail so small. im am blown away by how great everything looks on it... we truly appreciate your services in helping to make our cake and wedding stand out. you rock!" ~Caleb and Amy on their custom wedding cake topper.

"We got it! OH MY GOD, WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! We keep taking it out and looking at it; it looks JUST like us! :) :) :) You are amazing, and I would recommend your work to ANYONE!" ~Renee about their custom cake topper.

"Just wanted to let you know I received the purse and it's perfect! I'm having such a hard time waiting for x-mas to give it!"

"Omg!!!! It's flippin perfect!!!!! Thank you SO much!!!!!!! You are AWESOME!!!!!!"
I swear I didn't make it up, that was from Chanel regarding her custom tattooed cake topper.

"Hi Erin...ok so I got my cake topper!!! I have gotta say THANK YOU so much! It looks even better in person. The pix don't do it justice. The detail on it is so amazing. You F*cking Rock! This will be a part of of our lives forever! Thanks again!"

"Hi Erin, Just wanted to let you know I received my head vase last week. She's beautiful! Thanks Again! Lindsay"

"Thank you so much the topper is AMAZING. Its absolutly perfect in every way and its so much more then we expected! You are super talented thank you so much!!!!"...from Michelle on my first preggers wedding cake topper.

"Just wanted to let you know that the tissue box arrived and i adore it. thank you SO SO Much! :), melissa"

"Can I just start out by saying that is the BEST $130 I ever spent?...That topper is going on the mantle after the wedding. I love it so much. So far that is the best part of the wedding. I can see that being a family heirloom in years to come."
I swear I didn't make it up!...from the amazingly sweet Sonia about her Tattooed Cake Topper!

"She came in the mail today and she is truely exquisite. I love her and my biggest regret is that I'm going to have to give her away."
...from Alison about her Tattooed Headvase!

"Erin, just received the purse excuse my language but freekin awesome. Thank you for a awesome Christmas present, you have made my day."
...from Melisa on her Custom Purse! Thanks Melisa!

"The Rosies are AMAZING!!! You are nothing short of a genius, they are proudly displayed on my bookshelf. thank you again!"
from Patty about herRosie the Riveter Bookends!

"I got the wallet in the mail today and it is absolutely did a wonderful job and not only met, but exceeded my expectations, you can expect business from me and my friends and in the future!"
from Jessica on her Custom Dracula Wallet!

"I transferred everything over from the other purse I was using immediately when this one arrived. I love the size, I love the dog (Mack) and it is perfect...I'm very happy with my bag and I did get compliments and comments on it the very first day!"
...from Frances with her Mack Truck Bulldog Purse!

"I just got my custom and love it! This is soo cool in person and I am testifying to the quality of the work! BUY! BUY! BUY! This was so cool! Thanks again! Love, Britt"
...on her Tattooed Lady Wall Hangings!

"hey! just got my stuff. it fucking rules."
...from Colby about Hair Accessories.

"AMAZING Piece of Art - I am THRILLED!"
...from Zombierobot about my Painted Sugar Skulls.

"This is just a quick like to let you know that i have just received the lovely polka dot set. It's gorgeous and fits me perfectly. I am really happy with this purchase and i will not miss to keep my eyes opened on your site for future orders."
...from zoe on her Repro Halter Set.

"My heart started beating fast when I saw the box, and had this big smile on my face when I opened it. WOW your work is absolutely gorgeous! Your talent just amazes me."
...from sweet Vickie on her Custom Purse!

"Hi Erin! Got the purse today! FAB!!! I love it. I have been feeling down and out lately, bored / depressed / overwhelmed / pessimistic / down on myself – and those flames are like a jolt of life to me --- that’s what I want my life to be ~~~ on FIRE --- thanks"
...from Paulita on her Custom Purse!

"WOW! That's awesome! That's exactly what I had in mind! You're incredible, thank you so much! I love it, and I know she will! Thank you!!!!"
...from Tyler on his girlfriend's Custom Purse!

"I just looked at the pictures of the box and it turned out gorgeous!!!!! I love it-- my boyfriend loved it too! Anyway, thanks for doing such an awesome job!"
...from Britt again, this time for her custom Jewelry Box!

"i got it in the mail the other day and it is awesome. you did a fantastic job thank you so much."
...from traci on her Wedding Cake Topper!